And the most desired feature for the iPhone 6 is …

Design render courtesy of Johnny Plaid

Design render courtesy of Johnny Plaid


As a follow-up to our favorite iPhone 6 rumors, we polled mobile shoppers across the U.S. on the features they’d love to see in the iPhone 6. While it’s no surprise that customers know exactly what they want, we found the survey results to be interesting.


Topping off the list with the greatest number of votes is the Sapphire screen, with a staggering 50% of Samsung, iPhone and Android users (combined) who said they would ditch their current phones for it. What makes the Sapphire screen so special? For one, the Sapphire screen is really sapphire.

Though synthetically produced, this means the screen could potentially be almost as hard as a diamond, which is why a lot of watchmakers favor the material for watch faces. Imagine never shattering a screen again… How’s that for phone bling?


If what we’re hearing proves true, these other new features might be encouraging enough to upgrade to the iPhone 6. We know we’d love to see all of these, following the Sapphire screen.

  • Infrared camera that turns the iPhone 6 into a remoteLet’s be honest, we’re already on our phones when we’re watching TV anyway. But couples and roomies beware, this will totally redefine fighting for the remote!
  • New tools to monitor your health and fitnessSmartphones have long been trusted personal assistants, but how about personal trainers? iPhone 6 could possibly offer new tools that will help you take charge of your health — whenever and wherever.
  • Ability to show 3D imagesThe launch of Amazon’s Fire smartphone brought a lot of attention to “dynamic perspective,” which means 3D imaging is in high demand. Because what’s better than 3D Tupac at Coachella? 3D Tupac on your phone.
  • Cool headphones designed for enhanced music listeningThe iPhone has always been a statement piece, but Apple’s recent acquisition of Beats Electronics means that newly developed iPhone headphones could not only sound better, but also look way cooler.


What’s a new iPhone without improvements, too? According to our findings, these are the top 5 upgrades to existing features that customers would love in the iPhone 6:

  1. Improved battery life
  2. Bigger screen
  3. Better camera
  4. Better phone reception
  5. More memory

There are a lot of similarities between what smartphone users are looking for and the rumors we’re hearing about the new iPhone, so it’s possible the iPhone 6 could offer enough to convince users to not only upgrade from older iPhone models, but also potentially leap from other platforms.

Another interesting fact, as we recently pointed out, is that 68% of Americans have at least one gadget they haven’t used for 2+ years, but what’s the benefit of keeping something you’re never going to use again? Let go of that old phone and get cash for it at uSell!

The official votes may be in, but how do they match up with your thoughts on the iPhone 6? 

Tiffanie Jan Lee is an LA-based science and tech writer. Follow her at @TiffanieJanLee or visit for her contact info.

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