HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER — What to Expect from the iPhone 6

Design render by Mark Pelin

Apple’s iPhone 6 is gearing up to roll out this fall, which means the internet is buzzing with news of what the smartphone may offer. But amidst all of the rumors, where do you start? We’ve gone ahead and rounded up reliable predictions, including the most exciting known features:

Bigger Size

This latest iteration of the iconic line is not only thinner, lighter and brighter, but also bigger in more ways than one. The iPhone 6 will offer two models sized at 4.7 inches and at a whopping 5.5 inches. So, for those of you who’ve been hoping for an iPhone phablet, the larger model puts you in the same weight class as the Samsung Note 3.

Both models will also reportedly offer exceptionally slim components and durable scratch-resistant screens.

Better Display

Improved resolution and camera specs mean that you’ll be able to capture moments like never before. At an expected 1704 x 960 pixels, the iPhone 6’s screen will deliver much sharper visuals. So, get ready to take your selfies to the next level!

iOS 8

Both models of iPhone 6 will ship preloaded with iOS 8, which is already shaking up the industry with exciting enhancements and features. While it will also be pushed to all compatible devices, iPhone 6 will best utilize everything iOS 8 has to offer, including some of our favorites:


Now you don’t have to scramble for your iPhone when it’s ringing: Continuity allows you to answer and initiate phone calls with your iPad or Mac, including your MacBook. This feature adds another perk in the increasingly streamlined and enhanced ecosystem across all devices loaded with iOS 8 and the upcoming OS X Yosemite.


The Metal chip optimizer harnesses the power of desktop computing, allowing game developers to render faster, more responsive and remarkably enhanced environments.


SwiftKey universal integration means that you’ll be able to swipe across the keyboard for a faster and more accurate messaging experience. Good bye, thumb cramps!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s still plenty of information to be released, and we’re still fantasizing about potential new features, including wireless charging. Check back here for continued updates. What would you guys love to see in the iPhone 6?

Tiffanie Jan Lee is an LA-based science and tech writer. Follow her at @TiffanieJanLee or visit www.bibulouspaper.com for her contact info.

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