iPhone 6 – The Good, the Bad and the Bendy

Now that the fireworks from the iPhone 6 launch have fallen back to earth and “Bendgate” is straightened out, iPhone pundits from across the web chime in about how Cupertino lived up to the hype. While Apple didn’t deliver on what our survey said was the #1 desired feature, a sapphire glass screen, there are still plenty of impressive surprises:
Marques Brownlee hones in on the iPhone 6 grip, advanced retina display and the questionable protruding camera lens:

Then he gets under the hood and zeros in on the amazing new features of iOS8 including the “nifty” syncing, 3rd party keyboards, and seamless hotspotting:

Lou over at Unbox Therapy gets a little freaky about how this Swiss Army Knife of smartphones doesn’t always cut it, citing front facing camera pixels, lack of micro USB standard, and get this, water resistance. Take a look to see if he’s just raining on Cook and company’s parade or if he’s got a point:

Giving the new iPhone 6 plus the slip 48 hours later, YouTube tech reviewer UrAvgConsumer gives us the lowdown about the quality time they spent with the device including its uber battery life, hearty health kit and the case for, well, a case:

Jonathan from TDL invokes the new sport of extreme sitting to see how much the iPhone 6 Plus bends. Watch it withstand skinny jean crunches and rear end pocket squats.

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