Samsung Back At Its Best with the Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Trade In

The Galaxy series levels up to S6 this week, and the reviews for Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are the best its gotten in years. CNET proclaims that, “The Galaxy S6 is Samsung, reborn” and Engadget is happy to see that Samsung was able to “build a truly interesting smartphone again.” What is it exactly that has everyone so excited by the Galaxy S6?

Most of the excitement surrounds Samsung’s move to go upscale. The Galaxy S6 has abandoned its plasticky past, introducing a new phone body built from aluminum alloy and Gorilla Glass. With rounded sides and an improved fingerprint sensor, the Galaxy S6 looks and feels very much like an iPhone 6. The S6 delivers features that its Apple counterpart doesn’t offer, however, including wireless charging support and compatibility with the Gear VR virtual reality accessory.

Die-hard Samsung fans may gripe over some of the Galaxy S6′s updates. You can’t remove the battery like you could with earlier Galaxy series. The microSD card slot is gone, so you’ll have to pay for a model with more GB if you want extra storage. Android users will welcome the changes to the S6′s software, though. Samsung’s decluttered refresh of Android 5.0.2 delivers a cleaner experience that should set itself apart from the HTC One M9.

Then there’s the Galaxy S6 Edge to mention. Its screen that wraps around the edge has a few tricks, like allowing you to see the time and weather at a quick glance on your bedside table in the morning. Besides that somewhat contrived use case, all the reviews agree that there’s no major functional benefit to getting the S6 Edge over the S6. It costs an extra $100, and what you’ll be paying for is the way it looks. We have to admit, though, that it does look awfully cool, so of us who are suckers for fancy aesthetics, it’s definitely worth the price tag bump.

Pre-orders for the S6 have already begun, and the device will be available in stores on April 10th. Pricing varies based on the carrier you choose; a 32GB S6 for AT&T is listed at $685 full retail. As they did with the iPhone 6, the major carriers are offering all kinds of deals to trade in your old phone to upgrade to the Galaxy S6. Verizon Trade In, for example, has a promo offering $100 or more in the form of a Verizon gift card. You’re likely to score more in cash when you sell your old phone online, however, so be sure to check the trade in value you’ll get here at uSell.

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