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BlackBerry Bold 9700

Are you ready to upgrade to a new smartphone for 2012? Sick of the feature-less, bare-bones, clunky cellphone you’ve been carrying around for years?

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, be sure to check out the fast and reliable BlackBerry Bold 9700. There’s no need to fumble with the annoying touch-screen keyboards seen on so many modern smartphones; the Bold 9700 boasts a comfortable and accurate 35-key QWERTY keyboard and trackpad for extraordinary ease-of-use. The sleek BlackBerry Bold 9700 also features the fast and user-friendly BlackBerry Operating System, customizable with thousands of different applications from the BlackBerry App World. Messages, downloads, web browsing and phone calls move along swiftly on the nation-wide 3G network. Big e-mail user in your work or personal life? The BlackBerry 9700 is your savior. The phone supports up to 10 personal e-mail accounts, so you’ll never be far away from accessing all your important messages. The BlackBerry 9700 also features pre-installed access to the world’s most popular instant messaging systems – including AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, and Windows Live Messenger. There’s also a fantastic 3.2-megapixel rear-facing camera on the Bold, with auto-focus and video-recording features.

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Featured Item: BlackBerry Torch 9800

iPhones and Droids may dominate the headlines – but the BlackBerry is still one of the best options if terms of smartphones. If you’re looking for a smartphone for the holidays, check out the Blackberry Torch 9800. Forget the clumsy typing screens on other smartphones. The Torch 9800 provides a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, allowing you to text, e-mail and work quickly and efficiently – a huge advantage over other smartphones. Like a long battery life? The mAHR lithium-ion battery provides up to 5.5 hours of talk time, up to 18 hours of “standby” time, and up to 30 hours of music playback. Looking for a fast multimedia experience? The advanced BlackBerry operating system delivers smooth, rapid playback of video and audio, and the phone’s 4 gigabtyes of memory (32 with an optional SD card) allows for plenty of room for your pictures, music and video. Capture memories for life with the built-in 5-megapixel camera and 720p high-definition video recorder. Download tons of amazing applications to supplement your BlackBerry experience. Sports scores, stock prices, games, navigation, shopping, social media…they’re all available through the BlackBerry AppWorld store.

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Get Cash for Your BlackBerry Bold 9900


Are you sick of fumbling with the touchscreens on modern smartphones like the Droid and the iPhone? They’re slick but inaccurate – typing on them is more of a hassle than they’re worth. If you do a lot of messaging or work on your phone (and who doesn’t these days), check out the state-of-the-art, sleekly-designed BlackBerry Bold 9900. There are no more typos or errors with the BlackBerry Bold’s handy QWERTY keyboard; typing work e-mails or messages to friends is as easy as it would be on your computer. That’s not all the BlackBerry Bold 9900 features. The phone boasts the power of the T-Mobile 4G network and a 1.2GHz processor, allowing users to receive texts, data, video, audio and information at incredibly fast speeds, and runs on the advanced BlackBerry OS 7 system. If you’re interested in capturing your own pictures or video, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 features a 5 MP camera able to record high-definition video in up to 720p resolution. The phone’s powerful battery allows for up to 6.6 hours of talk time and 12.8 days of standby time.

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