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Cool Tech for Kids

In the digital age, kids are surrounded and practically raised by technology. They watch their parents use their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more, and hence, we end up with toddlers who can navigate YouTube and utilize iPhones. My own daughter knows (annoyingly so) how to start and stop her favorite Donald Duck cartoons off my iPhone and her dad’s Android. With our DVR, she doesn’t even understand the concept of commercials—or waiting for a favorite show to come on. Thankfully, we don’t watch a lot of television, and we keep our phones out of sight as much as possible.

But let’s face it: by the time our kids are ten, they’ll probably be more tech-savvy than we are. And now, companies are marketing tech just for kids.  Here are a few gadgets designed for kids: Continue reading…

Fitness apps & wearable tech for a healthy 2014



The other day when I hit the gym, I noticed new faces all around me, and couldn’t understand why the place was so packed, until I realized: oh yeah. It’s the New Year.

I saw a family working out together: mom and her three girls. It was nice to see, and I can only hope that all of those new friendly faces continue to come to the gym and stay healthy. When I first started exercising in college, it seemed as if most of my fellow gym rats were people my age and up to their early 50’s. Now it seems the trend has changed: I benchpress, squat, and run with people in their 70’s.

Whether you’re simply cutting out the fattening lattes and watching your calories, or you’re looking to run a triathlon or enter a Tough Mudder, here are some apps, online features, and wearable fitness tech that can help you reach your goals—and stick with them— this New Year. Continue reading…

Great Smartphone Cases: Which One Will You Buy?

If you’ve bought a new smartphone or are finally getting around to protecting your investment, here are some great cases for your smartphone.

For iPhones:

Extend the Life

Extend your battery life with  the Incipio offGrid. This case is perfect for folks who hungrily eat up their iPhone’s battery. Lightweight, this case extends your battery capacity by 180%, for a total of  up to 13 hours of additional talk time  according to the company website. Apparently, it’s very easy to use and not bulky as well, which is a bonus. This case will cost you $79.99

Want Candy?



If you’ve got an iPhone 4, 4S, 5, or 5S, the Neon Bubble Case by is a slim and protective neon polycarbonate case. In shades that remind me of lifesavers like  the hottest of pink and an electrifying green shade, you’ll get all the sugar you need without the cavities.

Retails for $34.95 Continue reading…

Tech Tuesday: Protect Your Tech with Style from iSkin

iSkin touch Duo for iPod touch 2G/3G

Is your iPhone boring? Is your keyboard bland? Does your iPod need a serious dash of flavor? Are you still wearing the same old headphones?

Pump up your electronics with awesome deals from iSkin this holiday season. iSkin carries the best accessories for your smartphones, tablets, computers and portable gaming systems – all for over 50% off suggested retail price!

Pep up your iPhone with the flashy iSkin Revo – available in pink, crimson red, yellow, indigo blue or baby blue (only $19.99). Strap on your iPod for a gym visit or a jog with the iSkin  DuoBand ($19.99) or the iSkin ArmBand ($14.99) and dress it up with the iSkin duo (available in cool styles like Orbitz, Argyle, Croc, Enchanted, Ivy, Camouflage or Tao for only $12.49). You can also pick up an iSkin three-pack for $17.49!

Got a MacBook, PowerBook or iBook? Add a dash of color and some protection to the keyboard with the iSkin Pro Touch (available in cool colors like Sonic, Eclipse, Kiwi, Sahara or Blush, $9.99-14.99) or make your mouse happy with its own ProTouch (available in Sonic, Eclipse, Kiwi, Sahara or Blush for $9.99).

Big into portable gaming? The iSkin Neo for your PSP provides genuine, form-fitting and functional lambskin protection, as well as built-in storage for a game cartridge and two memory cards – all available in Hornet (Green) or Panther (Black) colors – for $19.99. Add in the advanced Cerulean two-tone earphones for fresh fashion and brilliant sound ($9.99) for an unbeatable portable gaming experience.

Don’t let your electronics go on uninspired. Visit iSkin and add some color to your e-life today!
iSkin for iPad: Best Protective Case iPad Cover

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popcord™ Launches a Keyring Charger for Smartphones

(Photo credit: popcord™)

(Photo credit: popcord™)

Are you forever forgetting your phone charger? popcord™ has just the solution for you. The London-based start-up is  launching a mini charger that doubles as a keyring. Scheduled for release in May 2014, the keyring charger is available with either a lightning connector for iPhone 5 and other Apple devices, or micro USB for Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry and Amazon devices. It works by plugging it into any USB port.

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5 Great Tablet Cases

Whether it’s a phone, laptop, or tablet, having the right protective case can mean the difference between a nice functioning tablet and a busted tablet. Which of course, you can always sell your busted tablet at uSell, but let’s try to keep your tablet nice and pretty with some of these great cases.

FitFolio by Speck

The FitFolio for the Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 by Speck

This case is not just good looks and charm. It’s slim and sleek, which keeps your tablet staying lightweight as you like it, and has what Speck calls is a “Quadruple-Angle Stand” which in short means, you can view your tablet at four different angles. Talk about flexible. And for $34.95, it’s also a great buy for your wallet. While it may hurt to shell out more money for your electronics, protecting them just gives them a longer life.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winter Tech Accessories

Snow Scene

Wintertime is here. Snowstorms. Brisk winds. Freezing temperatures. Snowmen.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to freeze to the bone, or compromise time with that extra appendage of yours– your smartphone, laptop, or headphones.

Take a look at some winter tech accessories in order to keep cozy and warm while surfing the net or making a phone call.

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A Smart and Elegant Phone Mount: The NanoTek Stand:

NanoTek Stand


The NanoTek Stand Product Review

A year ago, I had an unfortunate incident in which my bottle of water burst open in my bookbag, and drenched my Apple laptop. It was the worst Christmas Eve possible, and I was heartbroken. My laptop was a bit slow after 6 years of use, but it worked well otherwise and was now kaput. Out of business. Talk about crocodile tears!

So now when it comes to my gadgets, (phone, laptop, bluetooth, iPod) I’m paranoid of technical mass destruction. And then I came across the NanoTek by Bracketron.

Sure, it’s not advertised as a “tech-saving gadget,” but for me, I instantly saw how the NanoTek could protect my phone in the hazardous world of the office. Continue reading…

Webcams: Stay in Touch and Save This Holiday Season

Can’t stand your in-laws? Don’t want to drive 100+ miles this Thanksgiving and holiday season? As my uncle Joe used to say, “Fuggeddaboutit!” Thanks to the miracles of technology, we no longer have to spend the holidays with in-laws and embarrassing family members. Just simply log on to Skype, turn on your video camera and microphone, and voila, the family is together!

Most people have built-in cameras and microphones on their laptops. But if you really want something more interactive, you may want to consider purchasing a separate webcam.  A separate webcam will give you more freedom to roam around and position the camera in any way you wish. And remember, not all webcams are created equal. Go for the HD cameras that add more depth and realism to your video images.

Shop for Webcams at Logitech Also, read up on the camera’s specifications. For instance, an HD camera capable of taking 1080p pictures may only offer standard definition video recording. Also, keep in mind of the type of bandwidth that you currently have. Those with slower connections may notice jerky images; if that’s the case, get a standard definition camera until you make the bandwidth upgrade.

Now staying in touch is even more affordable with Free shipping for all orders $20 or more at Logitech.

How will you connect with your loved ones this holiday season?