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Cash in Your Apple iPod Touch (4th Generation)

What in the world did we do before the iPod came along? It’s hard to remember those dark days – way back when those cheap plastic Walkman headphones were wrapped around our ears and “Appetite For Destruction” was blasting from the cassette as we took our jogs. Then, only a few years later, we had the Discman, and we were all spending long road trips or library cram-sessions fumbling around CD booklets switching between “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? ” and “Jagged Little Pill.”

Well, if you’re still relying on outdated equipment to get your sonic fix (or even if you’re still on an earlier version) it’s time to upgrade to the incredible Apple iPod Touch (4th Generation). The iPod Touch is the perfect device to hold all your music – from the Allman Brothers to Lady Gaga – so you’ll never be bored on a long run, long flight or long road trip ever again. However, listening to music is only the very tip of the iceberg for the iPod touch. There’s a video player for screening movies, TV shows and other media on the go. There’s an e-book reader to let you read from an enormous digital library anywhere and anytime. There’s a powerful internet browser, mobile phone and Wi-Fi access for work and play. There are front- and rear-facing cameras for pictures, video calls and video recording. There’s seamless integration with Apple’s user-friendly iTunes program for easy media storage, purchases and management. Best of all, there are thousands of ways to customize your mobile experience with downloadable applications from the Apple App Store.

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