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How Does Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Stack Up Against the iPad Air?

This is a guest post by JT Ripton. JT is a freelance writer out of Tampa who enjoys writing about a myriad of topics, consumer tech being one of them. JT occasionally writes for several sites and blogs and you can follow him on Twitter @JTRipton.

Tablets are unquestionably convenient and they give users cool cachet. Realizing the ever-growing potential of these magical little hybrids, manufacturers are consistently upping the ante. You may have seen this recent Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 commercial mocking the iPad’s older, thin as a pencil commercials and Samsung threw some punches, however do these claims hold up against the iPad air? This is how they stack up against each other.
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Cool Tech for Kids

In the digital age, kids are surrounded and practically raised by technology. They watch their parents use their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more, and hence, we end up with toddlers who can navigate YouTube and utilize iPhones. My own daughter knows (annoyingly so) how to start and stop her favorite Donald Duck cartoons off my iPhone and her dad’s Android. With our DVR, she doesn’t even understand the concept of commercials—or waiting for a favorite show to come on. Thankfully, we don’t watch a lot of television, and we keep our phones out of sight as much as possible.

But let’s face it: by the time our kids are ten, they’ll probably be more tech-savvy than we are. And now, companies are marketing tech just for kids.  Here are a few gadgets designed for kids: Continue reading…

5 Great Tablet Cases

Whether it’s a phone, laptop, or tablet, having the right protective case can mean the difference between a nice functioning tablet and a busted tablet. Which of course, you can always sell your busted tablet at uSell, but let’s try to keep your tablet nice and pretty with some of these great cases.

FitFolio by Speck

The FitFolio for the Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 by Speck

This case is not just good looks and charm. It’s slim and sleek, which keeps your tablet staying lightweight as you like it, and has what Speck calls is a “Quadruple-Angle Stand” which in short means, you can view your tablet at four different angles. Talk about flexible. And for $34.95, it’s also a great buy for your wallet. While it may hurt to shell out more money for your electronics, protecting them just gives them a longer life.

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What to do with those Christmas Gift Cards: Gadgets to Buy

Christmas time is a giving time, but it’s also a getting time. Getting gift cards that is!

A gift card is such an easy gift that it’s hard not to hand them out when you’re not sure what to get someone. With that said, if you were fortunate enough to get gift cards for the holidays, why not use them towards a new device? Smartphones and other electronics are an investment, so use your gift cards to lighten the financial load of a bright and shiny gadget for 2014!

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Cyber Monday Madness: Sites to Catch Great Deals!

Money Meme

With all the Cyber Monday deals hitting up your inbox, it’s hard to know which ones to take…and which ones to drop!

Check out some suggested sites, deals, and steals for your Cyber Monday 2013!

Cyber Cell Phone Craze:

Want a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini? Check out this hot deal at uSell Wireless. It’s the lowest price of the season!

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Why broken devices are worth money

Busted iPhone


So you’ve broken your phone, tablet, or other device, and now you don’t know what to do with it. You’ll use it for as long as you can because you’re thinking, “Hey I’ve got to wait a bit before I upgrade again, and this phone is worth zilch.”

Well, while I can’t blame you for thinking that way, you’re wrong.

Broken devices are worth money, and here’s why:

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3 iPad apps to spark the genius in your toddler

If you have both an iPad and a toddler in your life, chances are you’ve discovered that the two can’t easily be separated. The first time I tried to pry the iPad from my daughter’s iron grip, I remember thinking, “Am I overdue for the gym? Or is this kiddie getting more than her share of the oatmeal?” Luckily, I found several innovative, educational apps to steer my child’s iPad passion away from YouTube cartoons towards more noble pursuits. (No offense, YouTube.)

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Best Gadgets of 2013 Round-up



Technology moves so fast these days that there always seems to be the “next big thing” coming right around the corner. As we know though, not all gadgets are created equal. Each year there are gadgets that race to the top of the pack, and 2013 is no different.

For me, I just invested in a 11′ inch MacBook Air, so that is my current “new love,” but the new iPad Air has hit many of the “best of”  2013 lists. loves the new iPad Air because its new 64-bit A7 chip brings on the power for gamers. Engadget hails the iPad Air because of the new iOS7, but also attests to the performance power of the 64-bit A7 chip.

Another popular gadget in 2013 was the Google Chromecast. Priced at a mere $35, you can  enjoy all the goodies you do online like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, etc, and watch it on your HDTV. Chromecast automatically updates to work with a growing number of apps and devices, including Android and iPhones.  It’s a gadget steal!

What were the other best gadgets for 2013? Which items would you choose? Were there any gadget “flops” that you hope will be banished for all of technology-eternity? Share your comments below, and be sure to read more about other best gadget finds for 2013 in Bloomberg and in Engadget.

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iPad AIR 5th generation: A leaner, meaner model


The new iPad AIR 5th generation, is something Apple can be proud of.

Here’s the basic dirt on the new iPad:

It’s leaner and meaner: shedding a dress size or two, (7.5 millimeters thin) the iPad Air has a 43% smaller bezel, and a thinner case, coming in at just 1 pound!

Well then, does the battery work less efficiently? Continue reading…