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Financial Tips for a Financially Fit New Year



Are you financially fit?

After the holidays, I felt emotionally wrecked from the flurry of activities happening, and financially strapped. It felt like every time I turned my head, someone needed a gift or a card. A something.  I tried to pay all my gifts using my bank card this year, and I was successful, although that meant being tight on funds and saving zilch. After all of the gifts were opened and my bank account severely small, I decided to set aside a New Year Budget determined to stay on track, and save more. Here are some basic tips for making 2014 your most financially sound year yet!

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Selling Your Old Electronics: The Jewish Girl’s Guide


Selling your old electronics is a must.

Growing up as a nice Irish Jewish girl, (nice mix, right?) my father taught me the value of a dollar.

Actually, he told me if something was for free, I should take it. I believe my mom said, “If your father was offered a free elephant, he’d bring it home.”

I guess the elephant would have taken my bedroom…and my sisters’. And my parents’.

I digress.

The point is, money doesn’t grow on trees, and I don’t know about you but, I’d like to make my money legally, and not end up in prison. Orange isn’t my color, and no one will give me a manicure there, unless of course I make friends with the right people.  I’m a midget, and in a throw-down over who gets the last bar of soap,  I’d certainly end up the loser.

People are now savvy and realize that keeping your old electronics so your niece or nephew can play pretend, is a waste of good money. Sorry kids, you’ll have to use your imagination a little more thoroughly.

Consider this thought: a broken iPhone 5 16GB can earn you up to $175. A busted Samsung Galaxy S4? $87.

And those are offers for broken phones!

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Cash out for Black Friday: How to make money for the holidays

Black Friday

Black Friday. It’s enough to make you run to the stores to save a few measly bucks on an Elmo doll, and then get punched in the face trying to snag the last Muppet doll on the sales floor.

Charming traditions we have here in the good ol’ US of A, no? Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when all the good sales are supposed to happen to open up the holiday shopping season. Now with the age of internet, we also have Cyber Monday, in which consumers can get sweet deals via the internet the Monday after Thanksgiving. The injury rate for Cyber Monday is significantly lower, unless you count stiff fingers or get carpal tunnel syndrome from all of the mouse clicking.

Despite risking your life for an Elmo doll, Black Friday does have quite a few good sales, and it’s not uncommon nowadays for retailers to notify customers of potential sales weeks in advance. Target already notified me of potential Black Friday sales in my area.

So whether you are brave enough to risk injuring yourself on Black Friday or are waiting on Cyber Monday to purchase deals from the comfort of your own home, get your finances in line now before these sales come and go!

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5 Tips for a Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day


I’m sure most of you all know that Valentine’s Day is approximately 11 days away. If you’re like me you have this date marked off on every calendar in your home, smartphone, and computer. Okay, I admit Valentine’s Day is pretty much a commercial holiday that some random person made up to make people go broke. Alright, I’m half kidding here people, but isn’t it nice that there is an extra day of the year that you can expect something nice from your significant other?

It’s sad to admit, but long gone are the days that I receive real  jewelry and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Rewind 10 years ago and dozens of roses, chocolates, gemstones, and gold were the norm. Yep, those days are far gone in this household of five. Now, I’m lucky enough to get a construction paper heart from my kids.

With the way the economy is, I understand that spending money frivolously is just not in our budget. I hate to admit it, but I would never expect my husband to spend copious amounts of cash on jewelry that is probably just gonna sit and tarnish in some obscure container in my room. These days, just a few hours of total silence is date night for us two!

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Tips on How to Save Cash and Destress This Holiday for Moms!


Want to save cash and minimize your stress this holiday, moms?

Read our article featured on, and get some quick and easy tips here:

Please tell us some tips you’ve used in the past to stick to your budget and play down the stress during the holidays in our comments section!


Cyber Monday Madness: Sites to Catch Great Deals!

Money Meme

With all the Cyber Monday deals hitting up your inbox, it’s hard to know which ones to take…and which ones to drop!

Check out some suggested sites, deals, and steals for your Cyber Monday 2013!

Cyber Cell Phone Craze:

Want a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini? Check out this hot deal at uSell Wireless. It’s the lowest price of the season!

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Don’t Get Squeezed by the Turkey: Save Money this Thanksgiving 2013


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Food, family, time off, and a few drinks always put me in good spirits. Well, sometimes the family doesn’t quite do it for me, but neither myself nor my siblings have stabbed each other with a steak knife yet, so I figure we’re in good shape.

With all of the stuffing, pie, turkey, wine, and sweet potatoes, you’re bound to be full, but what about your wallet?

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