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What Everybody Ought to Know About the Mobile Payment Wars

Apple Pay in Action
Insert Brand Name Here Pay. If you had to sum it up in one sentence, that’s the state of the mobile payment wars today. Apple Pay. Samsung Pay. Android Pay. All the top smartphone makers want to make the wallet extinct with their latest handsets that let you pay with a tap of your phone instead of a swipe of your credit card.

3 Reasons You’ll Care About Mobile Payments

The promise of a smartphone that can pay instantly is super compelling. Here’s a quick rundown of how consumers will win with mobile payments:

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Amazon to Launch a Smartphone with a 3D Interface

Amazon Phone

Today, BGR gave the world an exclusive look at Amazon’s first of several own-brand smartphones.

A quick glance at the image above and you may be fooled into thinking there’s nothing special about it. But the online retailer has spent years developing a novel user experience. The yet-to-launch phone is said to have a custom 3D interface, unlike anything on the market. (As for the black protective shell, that’s intended to prevent us from seeing the design.)

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Smithsonian Displays an American Flag to Be Viewed with Google Glass

(Image Credit: Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery)

(Image Credit: Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery)

As part of a special President’s Day weekend exhibition, the Smithsonian is featuring a 12-foot American flag that’s viewed with Google Glass. The piece, named “Portrait of America”, is the first work of art to use Google’s internet-connected eyes glasses. It’s part of New York-based artist David Datuna’s series “Viewpoint of Billions” and is on display through February 17th.

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42% of Americans Are Suffering from EGO – Extreme Gadget Obesity

Holding onto phones, tablets and other electronic devices is weighing down the American public. Why? At uSell we believe people hang onto used devices unnecessarily because they are unaware the devices are still worth good money.

To confirm this we surveyed 1,000 people using our exclusive Gadget Mass Index, a system that measures an individual’s propensity to store unused gadgets instead of disposing or selling them. The results clearly confirmed that 42% of all Americans suffer from EGO – Extreme Gadget Obesity. The details are startling:

Evolution through 7 Years of iPhone Launches

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What Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp Means for You

what's app

In case you missed it, Facebook bought the popular messaging platform WhatsApp for $19 billion. Well, $4 billion in cash, $12 billion in shares, and $3 billion in ‘restricted stock units’, which will be granted to WhatsApp’s founders and employees over the next four years, to be exact. But why did Facebook fork over such an extraordinary sum, and what does it mean for users?

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6 of the Best Bluetooth Devices for Your Home

 Your smartphone is a wonderful thing. It functions as a GPS, pocket planner, entertainment device, and (of course) a phone. If you haven’t explored its bluetooth capability, however, then you’ve only just scratched the surface. With the right devices, your smartphone can act as a sort of “universal home remote.”

While the idea of a “smart house” sounds like something from science fiction, these bluetooth devices are very real and can make your home more convenient and fun. Let’s take a look at six of the best devices.  Continue reading…