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Amazon to Launch a Smartphone with a 3D Interface

Amazon Phone

Today, BGR gave the world an exclusive look at Amazon’s first of several own-brand smartphones.

A quick glance at the image above and you may be fooled into thinking there’s nothing special about it. But the online retailer has spent years developing a novel user experience. The yet-to-launch phone is said to have a custom 3D interface, unlike anything on the market. (As for the black protective shell, that’s intended to prevent us from seeing the design.)

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The Scoop on Nexus 5



Would you convert from Apple to Nexus 5?: The Lowdown on Google’s new phone

With a full HD 1920x 1080 display,  and a 4.95 inch screen, the Nexus is something to talk about. And thin is in in technology: the new Nexus phone is svelter: weighing in at 130g.

The display is great–colorful and easy to see. It’s made of Gorilla Glass3, which is durable, yet thin. Continue reading…

The New Brotherhood: Nokia and Microsoft

nokia 5110 photo:  5110.jpg

It’s no surprise that Microsoft is buying Nokia. With this big move however, I cannot help but wonder how this acquisition will help Nokia. Nokia doesn’t do nearly as much business as Apple or Android, but there was a day before the smartphone, iPhone, and Android phones when all I bought were Nokia phones.

My first cell phone–a Motorola– was about as big as a loaf of bread, (I kid) but once I ditched the football-size cell phone, I was a Nokia loyalist through and through, until the tempting Blackberry and then the even more seductive iPhone came around. I rarely had any complaints about my Nokia phones, and the design was always smart and cute–my favorite being the Nokia 5110.

I cried into it during bad conversations with boyfriends. I dropped it during the Vans Warped Tour (and it survived). It was cuter than my beeper, better than my teen line, but it certainly wasn’t the ninja that Smart Phones are today.

I must admit though, it would be nice to see a “SmartPhone/Mobile Underdog” give Apple and Android a run for their money. The more competition, the more business, and the more options there are for us as consumers.
Did you own a Nokia? If so, do you still have one in that junk-draw of yours?

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Best Smart Phones and Applications for Busy Moms

Cellphone technology is forever changing; it seems there is a new cell phone on the market every other day. With all these options available, it is hard to narrow down which phone is best for you. Today’s consumers want to use their smart phones the way they were meant to be used. That means less Angry Birds and more using your smart phone to be more productive, to guide you through your busy day. Here are a few of the best smart phones on the market, and some helpful applications, that will help boost your productivity.

BlackBerry Z10:
The BlackBerry Z10 is the first BlackBerry in the touch screen form of smart phone that we’ve all come accustomed to. With probably the best and most user friendly keyboard on the market, featuring flick typing, it’s a great phone for writing emails and messages on the go. Plus, BlackBerry is known for its BBM messaging. You can use BBM to effortlessly stay in touch with family, coworkers–anyone!

Use the BlackBerry Travel app to plan, book and manage all of your travel. Plus, you can share your travel activities! What a great way to stay organized on the go, while still sharing your experiences with friends.

iPhone 5:
Apple is known for making a quality cell phone that is simple to use. As hands down the most user friendly smart phone on the market, the iPhone 5 is great for first time smart phone users. The iPhone 5 comes equipped with “Siri” your very own personal assistant who takes vocal commands from you. Siri makes it easy to stay productive by managing your calendar and more for you.

Try downloading Awesome Note on your iPhone. This app is great for making to do lists and taking notes. It’s sure to keep your schedule, grocery lists and more in order for you.

Samsung Galaxy S4:
Samsung’s line of Galaxy smart phones is by far the most innovative. The Galaxy S4 has many built in accessibility motions that make using your smart phone easier. For example, using facial recognition the Galaxy S4 can follow the movement of your eyes to scroll through articles or webpages. That means that this phone can do more for you, without you even touching the screen. Like the iPhone, the Galaxy S4 also has helpful voice commands.

You can use Cozi Family Organizer on the Galaxy S4 to keep the entire family’s schedule in order. Not only that, but the calendar will sync with all the devices your family uses, so everyone is on the same page.

Windows Phone 8X:
Windows phones are known for being easy to use, because of their seamlessly designed interface. The 8X allows you to create “tiles” for just about every aspect of your phone. These tiles are on your homescreen, always right in front of you and live, meaning they update in real time. Being able to resize, move and customize these tiles to your liking makes the Windows 8X a phone that will cater to anyone. Definitely an easy to use phone! And it comes with all your favorite Microsoft applications, such as Powerpoint, Word and Excel, right at your fingertips.

Try downloading the app Password Padlock on your Windows phone. Because almost everything requires a complicated password these days, Password Padlock will help you keep them all organized and within arm’s reach.

The Apple iPhone 5C and 5S. Which will you buy?

Apple’s new iPhone 5C and 5S: C for Cute, and S for Sophisticated?

Which will you buy?

The iPhone 5C:

iPhone 5S photo: iphone 5c price iphone2013-0086_zpsb12af2df.jpg

The iPhone 5S:

iPhone 5S photo: iphone 5s price iphone2013-0228_zpscaa9197f.jpg

Well it looks like the Apple rumor mill was basically true. The new iPhone 5C could technically stand for “Cheap.” A 16GB phone is $99 and a 32GB is $199 with a two-year contract. Apple’s Phil Schiller says it’s, “Unapologetically plastic,” yet it doesn’t feel “cheap.”

In my opinion, the C is for Cute. In green, yellow, blue, white, and pink, the phone colors, while pastel, are so bright that “you’ve gotta wear shades” when looking at them. The cases, which retail for $29, consists of a “circular cut-out” pattern that will enable you to see the color underneath.  The cases come in white, pink, yellow, blue, green, and black to create 30 different color combinations. Heck, you could buy a few and color-coordinate with your outfit if you’re into it.  Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the cases, although I dig the 5C phone colors.  The phone’s look is bright and minimal, yet to me, screams “Totally 80’s.”  Maybe we should all break out our old-school Velcro Reeboks, wigwams, neon sunglasses, and BoomBoxes.  I’m dying to get my hands on the 5C to see if the plastic feels light or just cheap. Continue reading…

Apple’s Trade-In Program or Bust?

Apple’s Trade-In Program or Bust?


For those of you Gadget whores who are dying to get rid of your old iPhone in order to covet the shiny new rumored iPhone 5S, Apple will be offering their own in-store trade-in program. This may be great news for some iPhone owners who want the gratification of an instant sale and gift card. But, this trade-in program is not for everyone.

While you can hit the Apple store and trade-in your iPhone for a credit towards a new iPhone, there are restrictions. For example, if you’re not eligible for an upgrade with your carrier, you’re out of luck. If your old iPhone is liquid damaged, you can forget trading her in for a gorgeous dry iPhone 5S as well.  It leaves quite a few people out of a great opportunity to trade-in their old iPhones.

At uSell, we accept nearly all types of damaged phones, and our marketplace offers higher prices because of our broad buyer network and bidding platform for used iPhones. TechCrunch has reported that Apple will be offering $120-200 for a 16GB iPhone 4/4S and $250 for a 16GB iPhone 5 in good condition. In comparison, uSell prices are up to $235 and $340 for the iPhone 4S and 5, respectively. While your need for instant gratification may be met when you walk into the Apple store and trade your iPhone in for a new model, remember that marketplaces such as uSell are able to offer higher prices and cash in hand for whatever you desire, even if your kid chucked your iPhone in the toilet. Our goal is to help people walk away feeling like they got the best deal for their old technology, without the hassle.



How to clean your phone to make it run faster

Phones, just like other items of technology, need to be cleaned and maintained to remain functional. Cleaning a phone needs to be done carefully so that no components are damaged and water should never be introduced. Not only do phones need to be cleaned physically but they often need to have their data cleaned too.

Cleaning your phone is usually as simple as removing the outside case and battery and then lightly dusting within it. Memory cards can also be removed and carefully wiped off with a dust-magnetizing cloth. Phones should always be off when being cleaned this way and water and other cleaning solutions should never be used to clean them. Cleaning the dust out of a phone will prevent it from overheating and allow it to run at better efficiency. Most phones are very simple to open and very simple to put back together. The manual of the phone will show basic instructions.

After physically cleaning a phone it is often important to clean out its memory too. Even smartphones can sometimes work slower if they have too many archived text messages, photos, documents or applications. It can be a good practice to regularly clean out unused items. Before beginning this type of cleaning the user should backup the phone completely. They can then delete any unnecessary messages and documents. They can also remove applications. If the phone is extremely slow it is possible to completely reset the phone and then restore only the contacts. As long as proper backups are taken and kept in a safe place it should never be detrimental to reset a phone to factory conditions.