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Smithsonian Displays an American Flag to Be Viewed with Google Glass

(Image Credit: Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery)

(Image Credit: Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery)

As part of a special President’s Day weekend exhibition, the Smithsonian is featuring a 12-foot American flag that’s viewed with Google Glass. The piece, named “Portrait of America”, is the first work of art to use Google’s internet-connected eyes glasses. It’s part of New York-based artist David Datuna’s series “Viewpoint of Billions” and is on display through February 17th.

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6 of the Best Bluetooth Devices for Your Home

 Your smartphone is a wonderful thing. It functions as a GPS, pocket planner, entertainment device, and (of course) a phone. If you haven’t explored its bluetooth capability, however, then you’ve only just scratched the surface. With the right devices, your smartphone can act as a sort of “universal home remote.”

While the idea of a “smart house” sounds like something from science fiction, these bluetooth devices are very real and can make your home more convenient and fun. Let’s take a look at six of the best devices.  Continue reading…

iPad AIR 5th generation: A leaner, meaner model


The new iPad AIR 5th generation, is something Apple can be proud of.

Here’s the basic dirt on the new iPad:

It’s leaner and meaner: shedding a dress size or two, (7.5 millimeters thin) the iPad Air has a 43% smaller bezel, and a thinner case, coming in at just 1 pound!

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Featured Item: Amazon Kindle DX

There’s nothing more satisfying than reading a good book – and with the advent of e-readers, tablets and other portable electronic devices, devouring great written works is easier and simpler than ever. Right at the forefront of this e-reading revolution is the Amazon Kindle DX Wireless eBook Reader. It’s got everything you need to read everything you want – from the classics to the latest bestsellers to the morning newspapers – right there from one little device. The Kindle’s 9.7-inch display provides sharp, clear and easy-to-read text, even in direct sunlight. You can easily and quickly download books (without the use of a computer) with the Kindle’s wireless service. The Kindle’s enormous selection of over one million books (along with newspapers, magazines and blogs) ensures that even the most voracious reader won’t ever be dissatisfied with the selection. You can even listen to your selections with the Kindle’s “Read-to-Me” service, which can provide audio of the reading materials you download.

Are you one of the lucky few who got a tablet device under your tree this holiday season? If you did, you might not need your Kindle anymore – so go ahead and sell it! Bring your Amazon Kindle DX Wireless eBook Reader to and get up to $97.00 for your Kindle DX (depending on its condition).

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Fitness apps & wearable tech for a healthy 2014



The other day when I hit the gym, I noticed new faces all around me, and couldn’t understand why the place was so packed, until I realized: oh yeah. It’s the New Year.

I saw a family working out together: mom and her three girls. It was nice to see, and I can only hope that all of those new friendly faces continue to come to the gym and stay healthy. When I first started exercising in college, it seemed as if most of my fellow gym rats were people my age and up to their early 50’s. Now it seems the trend has changed: I benchpress, squat, and run with people in their 70’s.

Whether you’re simply cutting out the fattening lattes and watching your calories, or you’re looking to run a triathlon or enter a Tough Mudder, here are some apps, online features, and wearable fitness tech that can help you reach your goals—and stick with them— this New Year. Continue reading…

Get Cash for Your Apple iPad 64GB WiFi

Sure, your smartphone, Kindle, iPod and handheld gaming device are great on their own – but there’s one revolutionary item that combines every one of those modern marvels into one remarkable device. The 64GB Apple iPad WiFi delivers all you need for on-the-go computing and communication, designed with Apple’s trademark user efficiency and sleek, gorgeous style. The iPad’s 802.11n Wi-Fi connection delivers perfect wireless access wherever you go, and the iPad’s 1GHz Apple A4 processor, Bluetooth 2.1 and iOS 4.2 operating system make for a fast and efficient user experience. With 64GB of space on the iPad, the device offers plenty storage for all of your videos, music and important files.  The LED-backlit, 9.7-inch touch-screen glass display is clean, gorgeous and responsive, perfect for viewing movies and video clips. Best of all, the remarkable Apple store offers thousands of downloadable applications to enhance your iPad experience – and you won’t have to worry about running out of juice at an important time, as the iPad’s high-performance battery provides up to 10 hours of power.

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