Announcement of Facebook-themed phone expected next week

Announcement of Facebook-themed phone expected next week

Smartphones have been a blessing for people who want to stay connected on the go. From accessing emails during the morning commute to using apps to find your way around, there's little doubt that a smartphone can be a seriously handy gadget. Of course, one of the most popular things to do on a smartphone is keep up with what your friends are up to on Facebook. After much speculation, the California-based social networking giant is expected to announce a Facebook-themed phone as soon as next week, Engadget reports.

Earlier this week, Facebook invited members of the press to "come see [their] new home on Android," at an event scheduled to take place April 4. Although there have been several rumors making their way around the internet, many experts agree that the big reveal will be an HTC smartphone with a new operating system designed to place Facebook at center stage.

According to the news source, the first thing users of the new device will see when turning on their handset is a Facebook home page, from which they can then navigate to other web pages and features. In addition, the phone's built-in camera and messaging platform will default to Facebook-enabled applications, making it easier than ever to share what's going on with your friends.

Although software will likely be the focal point of the event, the phone's hardware specifications could raise a few eyebrows, but the specifics remain to be seen. Until next week, HTC and Facebook fans will have to use their imaginations.

Of course, the launch of a new Facebook-themed phone could be the excuse you've been waiting for to sell your iPhone and migrate to a new platform. If Facebook's cryptic invitation has piqued your interest, the event will definitely be worth keeping an eye on.

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