Everybody Needs Extra Cash™ :: Buffalo Exchange

Recycling and cash go together like Bert and Ernie.

Everybody wears clothes, right?  So why not sell your clothes and make some money? That’s recycling!

Buffalo Exchange is a national pioneer in the recycling of fashionable clothes for cash. Buffalo Exchange buys clothes directly from you and offers either trade or cash.  Trade is in the form of a store credit and has a higher value than the cash option.  For instance, four shirts and two pairs of jeans will fetch you a $50 trade for in-store credit or $35 cash.  It’s your choice.  To round out the feel good experience, if you accept a token instead of a bag for purchases, Buffalo Exchange will donate five cents to a charity of your choice. If clothes are not accepted for trade or cash, Buffalo Exchange will donate your clothes for you.

If you don’t have a Buffalo Exchange in your area, there may be a locally owned consignment store offering similar services, so check your local listings.

If you don’t need the cash, or can’t be bothered with the hassle of taking your goods to the store, charitable donation is always a good option for your karma and the charitable organization. Many organizations even come to your house with free pick up.  Donation Town is a search engine with organizations in your area that offer free pick up of clothing and other household item donations, making it easy to find local charitable organizations and to schedule a pick up.

From water bottles to clothing, most products have an end-of-life cycle that extends past a land fill or beyond one owner. The Everybody Needs Extra Cash™ blog series will highlight the many ways to earn money with your goods once you’re done with them.

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