OK, Money. Where Are You Hiding?

Let me preface this post by saying that organization is not my strong suit. Or rather, clutter is my weakness. I mean, I’m not going to be featured on any cable shows about hoarders any time soon, but I’m not likely to be posting up signs for a yard sale this weekend, either.

So when I came to work for uSell, and I learned you could sell used cell phones and electronics for cash, I was pretty stoked. This, I thought, I can do.

It’s not like it requires lifting particularly heavy objects, parting with precious baby things (hey … I might have another one) or otherwise surgically removing large chunks of my weekend.

All I have to do is find stuff I don’t want, go online (which I do with great regularity … thanks a lot, Facebook), and pack up a box.

I can do this.

Phase 1: Denial

But first, I have to go through my junk drawer. (Should this be plural? Yes. It should.) And I need to look at all those boxes we took out of storage and plonked in the spare room. And go through the cabinets in the office. And … well, you get the picture.

So in between grand plans to put a home gym in the spare room; visions of baking homemade, elaborately decorated cupcakes for my daughter’s school; doing some actual work; and even (gasp!) cleaning the house, I fantasized about getting money for all the used electronics I have … just. sitting. around.

What would I do with all that extra dough? A treadmill for the home gym? A guest spot on Top Chef Just Desserts? A new laptop? A cleaning lady?

You will note that I have not, at this stage, actually gone through and gathered up any of the items that will contribute to the fulfillment of my dream. Because I am … just. sitting. around.

I did, however, mentally catalog all my stuff — and I did go online and price it all out. As of today, my used electronics (whereabouts generally unknown) are valued as follows:

  • PS3 Slim, 160 GB HDD: $76
  • xBox 360 60 GB:$59
  • Canon G3 Camera:$5
  • iPod Touch, 3rd Gen, 32 GB: $76
  • iPad 32GB WiFi + 3G: $255

That’s a total of $471. That’s pretty motivating! I also have some odds and ends that will need to be recycled. I will get right on this!

I just want to check Facebook first.

Tune in next time for the continuing saga and “Phase 2: Anger.”


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