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And the most desired feature for the iPhone 6 is …

Design render courtesy of Johnny Plaid

Design render courtesy of Johnny Plaid


As a follow-up to our favorite iPhone 6 rumors, we polled mobile shoppers across the U.S. on the features they’d love to see in the iPhone 6. While it’s no surprise that customers know exactly what they want, we found the survey results to be interesting.


Topping off the list with the greatest number of votes is the Sapphire screen, with a staggering 50% of Samsung, iPhone and Android users (combined) who said they would ditch their current phones for it. What makes the Sapphire screen so special? For one, the Sapphire screen is really sapphire.

Though synthetically produced, this means the screen could potentially be almost as hard as a diamond, which is why a lot of watchmakers favor the material for watch faces. Imagine never shattering a screen again… How’s that for phone bling?

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Announcing the Winners in our “I Busted my iPhone” Contest! Did You Win?

After a grueling session debating between entries, we’ve finally picked our last winners! Our Winners get a sweet iPhone case by Speck products, but one lucky duck is the BIG KAHUNA…

The Winner of the iPhone 5S!

winning photo: Winning Winning.jpg

We loved hearing your stories here at uSell, and I for one am looking forward to our next contest coming up.

Hint: If you’ve got an old flip-phone, start taking photos!

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The New Brotherhood: Nokia and Microsoft

nokia 5110 photo:  5110.jpg

It’s no surprise that Microsoft is buying Nokia. With this big move however, I cannot help but wonder how this acquisition will help Nokia. Nokia doesn’t do nearly as much business as Apple or Android, but there was a day before the smartphone, iPhone, and Android phones when all I bought were Nokia phones.

My first cell phone–a Motorola– was about as big as a loaf of bread, (I kid) but once I ditched the football-size cell phone, I was a Nokia loyalist through and through, until the tempting Blackberry and then the even more seductive iPhone came around. I rarely had any complaints about my Nokia phones, and the design was always smart and cute–my favorite being the Nokia 5110.

I cried into it during bad conversations with boyfriends. I dropped it during the Vans Warped Tour (and it survived). It was cuter than my beeper, better than my teen line, but it certainly wasn’t the ninja that Smart Phones are today.

I must admit though, it would be nice to see a “SmartPhone/Mobile Underdog” give Apple and Android a run for their money. The more competition, the more business, and the more options there are for us as consumers.
Did you own a Nokia? If so, do you still have one in that junk-draw of yours?

*image by Photobucket

Even Politicians Love Their iPhones!

iphone images photo: iphone images.jpg


John McCain: Addicted to his iPhone?


The media got a snapshot of John McCain playing poker on his iPhone during the U.S. Syria debate.  While we all can comment about how appropriate or inappropriate playing phone games is during a huge debate like this,  no Smartphone owner’s hands are clean when it comes to breezing through time on your phone. Whether you’re playing Words with Friends, Solitaire, or on your Facebook, Smartphones are now the modern day amusement, or time-waster, depending on your point of view.

What’s your favorite phone app to kick away boredom or pass by the time while waiting at the doctor’s, riding the bus, or during a boring meeting?

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Get Cash for Your Apple iPhone 4S

Okay, so you’re an upwardly mobile consumer living in this modern world. You’re constantly on the go. You’re busy. You’re bouncing between work and home and play. You need something that will let you listen to music, browse the web, text, call, play games … and tons of other stuff. Isn’t it about time to upgrade that ancient cell-phone to something more advanced?Why not go all-out for your upgrade? Check out the super-advanced Apple iPhone 4S for all your modern smartphone needs. Designed with the trademark style, innovation and accessibility that Apple is famous for, the iPhone 4S is one of the most advanced smartphones on the market. Talk, text or e-mail with friends, family and colleagues over the iPhone 4S’s incredibly fast iOS operating system over your mobile network. Watch your videos or view your pictures on the extraordinary 3.5-inch, LED backlit, 640×960 / 326 pixels-per-inch resolution display. Listen to and manage your music collection with the installed iTunes application, or select from thousands of helpful apps on the iPhone App Store to boost your phone’s power. You can play games, shop, navigate, work, edit video, check sports scores, manage your bank account … all from the palm of your hand. There are also front- and rear-mounted cameras for video chatting, video recording and taking pictures.

Are you looking for some fresh income for 2012? Trying to upgrade to an all-new smartphone? Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will be released soon! Take your Apple iPhone 4S to and get up to $384.00 for your Apple iPhone 4S device (depending on its condition). Please note: the offer featured is valid of the day of this post. Visit to find the most accurate offer for your smartphone device.

iPad AIR 5th generation: A leaner, meaner model


The new iPad AIR 5th generation, is something Apple can be proud of.

Here’s the basic dirt on the new iPad:

It’s leaner and meaner: shedding a dress size or two, (7.5 millimeters thin) the iPad Air has a 43% smaller bezel, and a thinner case, coming in at just 1 pound!

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The Five Levels of Desperation to buy the new iPhone 5S or 5C: Where do you fall?

The Five Levels of Desperation to buy the new iPhone 5S or 5C: Where do you fall?


You wouldn’t call yourself an Apple fan because that title is for the lame. You may dub yourself an Apple junkie, devotee, worshipper, or addict because that sufficiently explains the twitches in your body and face when you think about the—gasp—possibility of holding the new iPhone in your very tender and loving hands. How deep is your love for Apple? How far will you go to buy the new iPhone launching this month? Read on and see how desperate you truly are.

Level One: Desperately Seeking iPhone

You’ve considered selling your old iPhone to the apple store or uSell because you need the money for your new iPhone, but just parting from your old one is tough. When you think about all the memories you’ve made with her and all those risky tumbles when you thought she would be cracked and gone, you get teary-eyed. Ultimately though, you are ready for your new baby, I mean, iPhone. When you get the new iPhone, you look like a kid in a candy store: happy and satiated.

Level Two: Under a Spell

You walk around as if you’re a zombie with your arms jutted forward, and your gait slow and dragged. When people say hello to you you simply say, “Is the new iPhone in stores today?” Continue reading…

Craigslist: Couple Beaten while trying to Buy a Cell Phone

*A couple in Belleville, IL was beaten and robbed while trying to buy a cell phone on Craigslist last month. While I am sure this is not the most common scenario, it is still a risk when you deal with strangers. There are some common tips you can take if you decide to purchase off Craigslist:

-Meet out in a public space rather than a home or place of residence.

-Meet during the daytime hours when it is bright outside.

-Speak to the person/seller/buyer via telephone to get a better sense of the person. This was suggested by St. Clair County Sheriff, Rick Watson, who informed the public about the crime.

-Notify friends and family where you will be going and why–this is a general safety tip for most situations.

However, there are plenty of options rather than Craigslist when selling your cell phone or smartphone. There’s always the opportunity to trade-back at a retail store. Apple just launched its trade-in program, and BestBuy offers a gift card when you trade-in your old iPhone. There are certain limitations to both programs, such as you can only receive store credit, so if you don’t qualify for either program, you could place your phone up for sale on eBay, but who wants to bother with the bidding? Why not try uSell as your destination to sell iPhones, and more? We offer the most competitive Cash Offers for your used devices such as, iPhones, Android phones, iPads, and more.

Here’s the 411:

Come to our site and browse our competitive marketplace for the best Cash Offers for your device. Once you find the best Cash Offer, you’ll simply tell us the condition of your device, carrier, and model. Once you’ve done that, we offer you a free shipping kit, and voila–you’re on your way to a safe and fast method for selling your cell phone without leaving the comfort of your own home.

In a matter of minutes, that cell phone sitting in your drawer will be a Cash Windfall for you without having to hassle with strangers.

Give us a try. You’ll like us!

*Thanks to for the original story by Andy Banker. “Couple beaten, robbed trying to buy cell phone on Craigslist.

What does your Phone Case Reveal about You?

Proud owner's amazing new iphone case. (not mine)

What Does Your Phone Case Reveal About You?

Everyone has a few skeletons in his or her closet, but the good news is, no one needs to know about the night you stole your parent’s car, or the time you went on a date with your sister’s boyfriend. There are though a few things that reveal much about one’s character no matter how hard you try to hide it, such as the friends you keep, the job you perform… or your phone case.
That’s right folks. The next time you go out on a first date, check out his or her phone case.
For example, the girl with the Hello Kitty Face Case is probably fun, upbeat, and likes cats, which could be problematic if you’re a cat-hater. The man with the hot pink or purple case may be comfortable with his feminine side, or be an artist. The dude with a simple black phone case may be the same guy who kicks back with pizza and beer on his nights off. The girl with animal print encasing her iPhone might be the wild woman in bed you’ve been looking for. What about the guy or gal that leaves their iPhone without a case? Would you call them reckless rebels, or just minimalists? And does the texture or brand of a case say anything about a person?
What type of phone case do you have, and what would Freud have to say about this?



Cash in Your Apple iPod Touch (4th Generation)

What in the world did we do before the iPod came along? It’s hard to remember those dark days – way back when those cheap plastic Walkman headphones were wrapped around our ears and “Appetite For Destruction” was blasting from the cassette as we took our jogs. Then, only a few years later, we had the Discman, and we were all spending long road trips or library cram-sessions fumbling around CD booklets switching between “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? ” and “Jagged Little Pill.”

Well, if you’re still relying on outdated equipment to get your sonic fix (or even if you’re still on an earlier version) it’s time to upgrade to the incredible Apple iPod Touch (4th Generation). The iPod Touch is the perfect device to hold all your music – from the Allman Brothers to Lady Gaga – so you’ll never be bored on a long run, long flight or long road trip ever again. However, listening to music is only the very tip of the iceberg for the iPod touch. There’s a video player for screening movies, TV shows and other media on the go. There’s an e-book reader to let you read from an enormous digital library anywhere and anytime. There’s a powerful internet browser, mobile phone and Wi-Fi access for work and play. There are front- and rear-facing cameras for pictures, video calls and video recording. There’s seamless integration with Apple’s user-friendly iTunes program for easy media storage, purchases and management. Best of all, there are thousands of ways to customize your mobile experience with downloadable applications from the Apple App Store.

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