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I left my BlackBerry for an iPhone, but sometimes, the memory of my BB haunts me.

I left my BlackBerry for an iPhone, but sometimes, the memory of my BB haunts me.

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It seems like the only people I know who use BlackBerry these days are people who utilize the BB for work. A lot of companies like using a BlackBerry for their employees. I remember the day when I got my first BlackBerry. I was so psyched at having better internet usage, and I loved typing on my BB. The days of the old flip phone for me were finally at an end. Continue reading…

Are you Experienced? It’s Customer Experience Day! Meet our Customer Experience Team

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But we don’t end there.The fact is, without our customers, we’re nothing. We need you and want you to be happy with our service, which is why we’ve got such an awesome Customer Experience Team.

The Customer Experience Team knows that personalizing each and every reply to customers who contact us gives us that extra bit of WOW. No robots or automated services here! We want you to have a stellar experience with us, so have no fear: we’re here and ready to help.

In case you thought we weren’t listening, our team loves reading all of the positive customer feedback. In celebration of today, we will be posting some of our favorite customer responses on Facebook and Twitter.

But first, let’s meet the Team: Continue reading…

Windows 8 on Cell Phones?

After Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 recently at the AllThings D9 conference, the tech world was buzzing over its Windows Phone 7 Metro UI appearance. Its touch-centric UI is definitely revolutionary for a traditional desktop OS. It also makes it abundantly clear that Microsoft wants to use this rendition of Windows to take over the tablet space. Windows Phone President Andy Lees has already turned down the idea of having Windows Phone 7 tablets.

So yeah, it looks like Microsoft is trying to capitalize on this whole touchy-feely craze.

That’s great and all, but the real news came earlier in the year when it was confirmed that Windows 8 will support ARM architecture.

Say what? Tegra 2’s are great and all, but a dual-core ARM chip running at 1 GHz pushing (or should I dragging?) a desktop operating system?

This is where the real fun beings…

ARM chip manufacturers have introduced road maps for quad-core chips running at 2 GHz that will be released next year in time for the launch of Windows 8!

I’ll pause here for a second so that you can ponder the processing power of future tablet computers slowly sipping ARM juice…

But can you imagine this powering a smart phone? Having the glorious power of 4 cores running at 2GHz powering a full desktop OS in your pocket? Optimus Switchable Graphics? How about switchable OS’: Windows 8 when you need your computer and Windows 7 when you need to use it as a phone.

64GB of storage?  A pico projector?

All the parts are there to make it happen. We already have manufacturers releasing 4.5 and 5 inch phones, so size won’t be that big of an issue.

Is it wishful thinking, or are we at the dawn of a new age of mobile computing?


Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Phab-ulous Phablet

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Phab-ulous Phablet


For those of you Phablet fans, it looks like Samsung has a lot to offer with the Galaxy Note 3.

Here’s the skinny:

It’s got a slightly larger display than the Note 2 at 5.7 inches, but it’s lost some weight: its width is thinner by 1.3 mm. But make no mistake, this Phablet requires two hands.  For someone like me with tiny kid-like hands, this makes the Note more of a tablet than a phone, but that’s just my two cents.

On the flip side, if you’re watching videos or reading books on the Note 3, Continue reading…

Craigslist: Couple Beaten while trying to Buy a Cell Phone

*A couple in Belleville, IL was beaten and robbed while trying to buy a cell phone on Craigslist last month. While I am sure this is not the most common scenario, it is still a risk when you deal with strangers. There are some common tips you can take if you decide to purchase off Craigslist:

-Meet out in a public space rather than a home or place of residence.

-Meet during the daytime hours when it is bright outside.

-Speak to the person/seller/buyer via telephone to get a better sense of the person. This was suggested by St. Clair County Sheriff, Rick Watson, who informed the public about the crime.

-Notify friends and family where you will be going and why–this is a general safety tip for most situations.

However, there are plenty of options rather than Craigslist when selling your cell phone or smartphone. There’s always the opportunity to trade-back at a retail store. Apple just launched its trade-in program, and BestBuy offers a gift card when you trade-in your old iPhone. There are certain limitations to both programs, such as you can only receive store credit, so if you don’t qualify for either program, you could place your phone up for sale on eBay, but who wants to bother with the bidding? Why not try uSell as your destination to sell iPhones, and more? We offer the most competitive Cash Offers for your used devices such as, iPhones, Android phones, iPads, and more.

Here’s the 411:

Come to our site and browse our competitive marketplace for the best Cash Offers for your device. Once you find the best Cash Offer, you’ll simply tell us the condition of your device, carrier, and model. Once you’ve done that, we offer you a free shipping kit, and voila–you’re on your way to a safe and fast method for selling your cell phone without leaving the comfort of your own home.

In a matter of minutes, that cell phone sitting in your drawer will be a Cash Windfall for you without having to hassle with strangers.

Give us a try. You’ll like us!

*Thanks to for the original story by Andy Banker. “Couple beaten, robbed trying to buy cell phone on Craigslist.