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uSell’s Merger with EcoSquid and Why We’re Excited About It

On July 26, uSell announced our merger with EcoSquid.  Everyone on the uSell team is excited, and Doug Feirstein (our CEO), Dan Brauser (our CFO) and I wanted to tell you why.

The reason we’re so excited about our merger is pretty simple.  EcoSquid has a great team and strong technology, and the merger of our two companies brings the best of both companies together.   The merger enables uSell to more quickly build the Consumer Cash Commerce Platform into one of the next great consumer eCommerce companies.

In just about any merger, the single most important success factor is how well the teams integrate.   We’re pleased to say that our combined team is off to a great start.  EcoSquid’s CEO Nik Raman and head of technology Christian Croft are extremely smart and talented, very driven, and have been a pleasure to both work with and get to know personally.  We’ve been very successful in integrating the two companies on an operational level, working closely with Nik and Christian for several months now building the uSell Consumer Cash Commerce Platform in anticipation of the merger.  Across all aspects of the business, the two companies and teams are working as one with impressive results.

In a short time, Nik, Christian and their talented IT team have built a solid technology platform at EcoSquid very cost efficiently.  We’ve already integrated the two companies’ key technology components to power the Cash Commerce Platform.  While every company aspires to have a technology platform that is scalable, stable and secure, the EcoSquid/uSell platform actually is.  As important, our IT platform has proven itself to be very nimble, and we’ve rolled out core system improvements and added features and functionality at an impressive pace.  Our IT integration has gone as well as the integration of the teams, and we’re excited about where Nik and Christian will take the platform in the coming months and beyond.

Our merger combines EcoSquid’s talented team and strong technology platform with uSell’s deep expertise in the marketing, customer care, and business and financial operations required to build a multi-billion dollar consumer eCommerce company.  The uSell team that’s merging with EcoSquid has significant experience in each of these areas.  It takes a full team with real business maturity, experience and just plain guts to properly execute and grow a business with as much potential as the uSell Consumer Cash Commerce Platform.  Over the 18 months that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Doug and Dan, we’ve built that team at uSell, with strong leadership from Leigh Scherer, Annie Rubi, and Michael Brachfeld, and terrific  execution from their teams in marketing, operations, and finance. We’re all pretty pumped up about the opportunity ahead, and about executing on it with Nik and Christian alongside us on the team.

So there you have it- the simple reason why Doug, Dan, the rest of the team and I are excited about our merger with Nik, Christian and EcoSquid.  Two great teams are coming together with the right talent, technology and business model to build uSell into the next great consumer eCommerce company.