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Samsung Epic Touch 4G

Are you sick of fumbling around with the touch-screen keyboards on modern smartphones? Let’s face it – they might look pretty, but they can be annoying and inaccurate. Why not spring for a modern smartphone with the feel and touch of an actual, physical keyboard – the Samsung Epic 4G. The Epic 4G features an intricately designed slide-out QWERTY keyboard for easy and accurate messaging, perfect for the on-the-go user. That’s not all the phone offers. Speeding along on the Sprint 4G network, the Samsung Epic 4G delivers messages and data with unparalleled clarity and quickness, and the phone’s dual-core 1 GHZ processor makes for a smooth experience. The phone also features a front-facing camera as well as a powerful 5.0-megapixel camera with a LED flash for recording pictures and high-definition video. View all of your messages, videos, pictures, work and other information on the super-large and vibrant 4.0-inch Super AMOLED display. Pump up the phone with installed applications like an alarm clock, ThinkFree Office, Google Talk and voice search, Facebook, YouTube, Sprint Navigation, Sprint Football, Nascar Sprint Mobile and Sprint TV.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch for Sprint