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Cash out for Black Friday: How to make money for the holidays

Black Friday

Black Friday. It’s enough to make you run to the stores to save a few measly bucks on an Elmo doll, and then get punched in the face trying to snag the last Muppet doll on the sales floor.

Charming traditions we have here in the good ol’ US of A, no? Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when all the good sales are supposed to happen to open up the holiday shopping season. Now with the age of internet, we also have Cyber Monday, in which consumers can get sweet deals via the internet the Monday after Thanksgiving. The injury rate for Cyber Monday is significantly lower, unless you count stiff fingers or get carpal tunnel syndrome from all of the mouse clicking.

Despite risking your life for an Elmo doll, Black Friday does have quite a few good sales, and it’s not uncommon nowadays for retailers to notify customers of potential sales weeks in advance. Target¬†already notified me of potential Black Friday sales in my area.

So whether you are brave enough to risk injuring yourself on Black Friday or are waiting on Cyber Monday to purchase deals from the comfort of your own home, get your finances in line now before these sales come and go!

If you need extra cash for the holidays, there are a few ways to go: Continue reading…

OK, Money. Where Are You Hiding?

Let me preface this post by saying that organization is not my strong suit. Or rather, clutter is my weakness. I mean, I’m not going to be featured on any cable shows about hoarders any time soon, but I’m not likely to be posting up signs for a yard sale this weekend, either.

So when I came to work for uSell, and I learned you could sell used cell phones and electronics for cash, I was pretty stoked. This, I thought, I can do.

It’s not like it requires lifting particularly heavy objects, parting with precious baby things (hey … I might have another one) or otherwise surgically removing large chunks of my weekend.

All I have to do is find stuff I don’t want, go online (which I do with great regularity … thanks a lot, Facebook), and pack up a box.

I can do this.

Phase 1: Denial

But first, I have to go through my junk drawer. (Should this be plural? Yes. It should.) And I need to look at all those boxes we took out of storage and plonked in the spare room. And go through the cabinets in the office. And … well, you get the picture.

So in between grand plans to put a home gym in the spare room; visions of baking homemade, elaborately decorated cupcakes for my daughter’s school; doing some actual work; and even (gasp!) cleaning the house, I fantasized about getting money for all the used electronics I have … just. sitting. around.

What would I do with all that extra dough? A treadmill for the home gym? A guest spot on Top Chef Just Desserts? A new laptop? A cleaning lady?

You will note that I have not, at this stage, actually gone through and gathered up any of the items that will contribute to the fulfillment of my dream. Because I am … just. sitting. around.

I did, however, mentally catalog all my stuff — and I did go online and price it all out. As of today, my used electronics (whereabouts generally unknown) are valued as follows:

  • PS3 Slim, 160 GB HDD: $76
  • xBox 360 60 GB:$59
  • Canon G3 Camera:$5
  • iPod Touch, 3rd Gen, 32 GB: $76
  • iPad 32GB WiFi + 3G: $255

That’s a total of $471. That’s pretty motivating! I also have some odds and ends that will need to be recycled. I will get right on this!

I just want to check Facebook first.

Tune in next time for the continuing saga and “Phase 2: Anger.”