Building The uSell Consumer Cash Commerce Platform – Part 1 – Because Everybody Needs Extra Cash

Chuck Wallace here, President & COO of uSell.  Greetings to each of you in this my first post to the uSell Blog.   I want to share my thoughts with you on why the uSell team is working so hard to build The uSell Consumer Cash Commerce Platform.

We’re working 24/7/365 building The Consumer Cash Commerce Platform because Everybody Needs Extra Cash. This is more than just a slick positioning statement; it’s a fact of everyday life for all of us.  Today, more than ever in these very tough economic times, people need ways to generate extra cash.  That’s what uSell is all about.  We’re building the Internet destination where everyone can generate much-needed extra money by quickly, conveniently and securely selling their items for top prices.

So the consumer need is clear and urgent.  And today, online consumer behavior, technology, and inventory processing have advanced to a point that enables uSell to build an innovative consumer reverse-commerce company.

And I want to emphasize the importance of a consumer’s ability to sell his or her items Quickly, Conveniently and Securely at uSell for Top Cash.  It’s core to our business, it’s at the center of everything the uSell team does, and it’s what separates selling on uSell from selling through other means.  At uSell consumers sell their items directly to only the most established and reputable companies. Companies that not only offer top prices, but as important, companies that have efficient and secure processing and payments, and great customer care.

The companies on the uSell Consumer Cash Commerce Platform seamlessly handle all the shipping, processing and payment details – and of course provide top quality customer care.  This makes your uSell experience distinctly different from trying to sell items yourself by posting them through online sales and auction sites.  Simply put, with uSell, you avoid all the shipping hassles, payment uncertainty, security concerns, and general inconvenience of trying to sell items yourself.

So that’s why the uSell team is dedicated to building the uSell Consumer Cash Commerce Platform.  Today everybody out there can use some extra cash – and we’re dedicated to helping them get it.

In this post I’ve discussed the urgent consumer need behind uSell building the Consumer Cash Commerce Platform.  I’ve labeled it Part 1 because in subsequent posts, I’ll talk about the three groups in addition to consumers that we’re building uSell and the Cash Commerce Platform for: our employees, our business partners, and our investors.


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