Apple Reviving Watch After Killing It Off

Apple Watch

Five Million Plus At The Gate

Talk about confidence. When the iPhone came out, it killed the watch business. Overnight, the wristwatch, an entrenched accessory, became unnecessary because iPhone users saw the time, all the time, as they quickly became addicted to their iPhones. Now, Apple is poised to revive the industry and has five million watches ready to launch this spring. While a nice looking Swatch fetches around $50, the anticipated price range for the Apple Watch is $349 for an entry-level timepiece to a SpaceX, sky-piercing $10,000 for an 18k gold Apple Watch Edition.

You’re Probably Going To Need an Upgrade

While the iPad can replace a laptop, you’ll need an iPhone 5 or later to use many Apple Watch functions. Yes, you’ll be able to talk to Siri on the watch, but you’ll need an iPhone to carry out many commands. Also, the Apple Watch lacks GPS and Wi-Fi, so if you’re an athlete who wants to track how far you take that body of yours, you’re gonna need a recent model iPhone. So if you’re considering an Apple Watch, you may need to trade in your old iPhone model to get with the times.

Forget First To Market

While the Apple Watch is set to launch this spring, a solid year and a half after the Samsung Galaxy Gear, it’s a good bet Apple is going to make up for lost time. The corporate landscape is littered with CEOs and experts that have shot down Apple releases, but Tim Cook and Co. have absorbed these bullets like Robert Patrick’s T-1000 in Terminator 2. Apple knows how to capitalize on existing technology. There were music players before the iPod and smartphones before the iPhone. Apple slaughtered both markets like LeBron James taking on a team of 6th graders.

The Welcome Connection

Even the best can’t anticipate everything. In its initial release, Apple wanted its watch to check blood pressure, spout EKG stats and monitor stress levels. Unfortunately, not even Jony Ive, Apple’s brilliant Senior VP of Design, could solve the challenge of hairy wrists, dry skin and sweat to get those functions to work. All is not lost though. There are many features that will be ready, including the ability to draw a heart on the watch face and tap it to your love. Of course, for your sweetie’s face to light up, you’ll have to buy not one Apple Watch, but two!

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