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Expansion of Mobile Gaming

The expansion of smartphones and tablets has opened video games to a new demographic who previously would have scoffed at the idea of gaming. But now, 78 percent of the world’s 1.2 billion gamers play mobile titles. That number is expected to grow as smartphones and tablets penetrate more of the market. This growth is so explosive that revenue from mobile games in 2015 is set to eclipse traditional console and PC video games, according to a study by research firm Newzoo.

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GameStop to ax Playstation 2 trade-in program

GameStop to axe Playstation 2 trade-in program

Sony's Playstation 2 (PS2) was a popular video game console that boasted thousands of titles. Although PS2 was a mainstay of the home entertainment industry for many years, the console began to fall out of fashion with games in 2006 when Sony released its next-generation system, Playstation 3. Popular video game retailer GameStop is well-known for its trade-in programs, but according to a spokesperson for GameStop, PS2 owners will no longer be able to trade in their aging consoles at the chain as of June 1.

"We can confirm that as of June 1 we will no longer be accepting the PS2 console or its related product for trades," read a statement issued by the retailer. "We know that the 12-year-old system is a popular one and for many gamers, GameStop is the only place to find a great selection of its games. We will still offer a wide selection of the PS2 hardware, accessories and games in many of our stores and online for several months, based on remaining stock from trades. We are very excited about the upcoming PS4 and are making room in our stores for it and other new platforms expected this fall."

Although some gamers may be disappointed by the decision, it could be a blessing in disguise, as numerous consumer advocacy groups have noted that GameStop's trade-in policies are questionable, according to Forbes. As used games and consoles are a cash-cow for the retailer, selling used hardware to GameStop can result in very poor prices for the consumer.

So what does this mean for gamers who want to upgrade from the PS2 to a newer system? Fortunately, GameStop isn't the only place for selling electronics online. If you want to sell your PS2, head over to and get cash for your old game consoles, cell phones and other gadgets. With the release of Sony's eagerly anticipated PS4 just around the corner, there's never been a better time to think about selling used electronics and upgrading to the fastest and most powerful hardware on the market.

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