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How Much Money are We Sitting On?

The average American family has $7,000 of unused merchandise in their home.

  • A 4-year student spends $900/year on textbooks
  • $1,900 of unused clothing
  • $2,200 of unused gadgets
  • $300 in unredeemed gift cards
  • $900 worth of outgrown kids clothes

Take advantage of these unused items and turn them into cash by selling your iPhone, texbooks, and more!

How much money are we sitting on?

The top cell phone trade-in services compared

With all the new cell phone buyback, trade-in and early upgrade programs popping up, it’s hard to know which program to choose. On the one hand, you can trade-in your phone with sites like eBay, Gazelle, uSell or even your carrier. Alternatively, if you want an early upgrade option, you can go with T-Mobile’s Jump, AT&T’s Next or Verizon’s Edge.  We took a look at these services and broke down the costs for you in the below infographic.

Infographic: How the Top Cell Phone Trade-In Services Stack Up

So what’s the final verdict? Marketplaces, like eBay and uSell, will get you the highest offer prices, although eBay’s fees can drastically reduce the net cash received. uSell and Gazelle have the easiest and most secure selling processes, but there are some differences between uSell and Gazelle. uSell differs from Gazelle in that Gazelle only has one offer for you. When you hunt for cash offers on, you’ll get multiple offers because we’re not a buyer. We’re a marketplace with over 50 professional buyers that we’ve hand-picked ourselves because of their service and integrity. However, the bonus points for both buyback sites are that they will offer to return your device in the event of a price requote, but carrier  trade-in programs will not.

When it comes to early upgrade services, users essentially “rent” phones without having to pay the cost of the phone upfront or locking into a 2-year contract. However, traditional 2-year contracts allow users to “own” phones, which they can later sell to recoup much of the costs, while getting in on early upgrades.

What will you do when you upgrade next?