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The Evolution of Portable Music: From the Boom Box, to the iPod


boombox photo: boombox boombox.jpg


There was once a day when we didn’t have an iPod to jam to… or bring with us to the gym or on our way to work. Portable music has come through quite a revolution!


First, there was the Boom Box. You certainly had it in your room at home, but you most definitely carried it with you street-side. If you wore Adidas shelltoes while sporting your Boom Box around, you got props. If you did “2 snaps in a Z formation,” you got mad respect. I liked my shelltoes with thick laces, a la’ Run DMC.

old school adidas photo: Shell toes DSC05117.jpg

Let’s not forget the Walkman.

In bright yellow or subdued silver, we clicked fast-forward or rewind to listen to our favorite jams.  Continue reading…