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I heard of this website from my daughter. I tried it and was so pleased. How many people have old devices they could sell, many I'm sure. This was a very refreshing change in how people today do business. Great job you guys. Thank you
Cynthia Bridges
A first rate experience! A pre-addressed padded envelope came with my return address already on it, plus bubble wrap was included to protect the item being shipped. I was paid the same day the item was received.
I would totally recommend them to my friends, it was fast and easy. Plus I received more then I thought I was going to get. Thank You Missy
Yes, the buyer was quick, efficient, and honest about their business. I was not scammed and they answered me quickly with an answer to a question I had.
It was so easy and so simple. The envelope came within 48 hours. I returned it with my iPhone in it. I received the full amount 48 hours later!
Yes. Everything was easy, quick, and shipping the item was free. Received payment for the exact amount that was quoted, and received it within a week of shipping my item. Was a pleasant experience.
I received exactly what I was estimated to receive. The process was totally painless, and I had my money deposited into my PayPal account quickly.
as soon as they received my product, they called bc it was different then i stated in the original survey to price my product. we where able to work this out in less than 2 minutes and gave me a very reasonable pay out on the device i sent in.
They gave me exactly what they said they would, sent me a free shipping kit, AND gave me fast payment! So glad I sold my iphone to them.
I sent in my phone and in 1 week I received my money just as they said .. I got the amount I was told .. I would recommend this site to my family and friends .. Very Good service ..
Definately. Quick response, called immediately and answered all my questions. Recieved payment right away. Highly Recommeded, my phone was really beat up and smashed I almost threw it out. Website is very user friendly, got a quote on my phone in less than a minute.
Received my prepaid envelope super fast as well as my payment. Thank you for a great experience. Will recommend you guys to all my friends. Carmen M.
Carmen Marrero
Yes! They are great! I got the package to send my device to them within 2 days after getting my quote. It only took 3 days for them to get it and my payment is on its way! Much better than the other site that bought my iPhones.
Got way more than i thought along with quality service! I received an email indicating they had gotten quality assured it to make sure they got what i described and in no time was sending my money my way. I look forward to doing business with them in the future! Keep up the fantastic work guys your AWESOME!!!!!! FAITHFUL CUSTOMER FOR LIFE........ ROBERT LIVINGSTON
I highly recommend this site as I found it a fair and efficient way to sell my cell phone. Sending us the postage paid packaging and easy directions made it a very pleasant experience ...thank you!
Transaction was smooth. Things went just like they were suppose to.
The buyer was great. I also asked for some information from them regarding other items to sell and they were very helpful. I would highly recommend using them and will use them in the future.
I received an email the day they received my shipment and it was appraised the same day. I received a check 7 days after they received it for EXACTLY the amount that was quoted. I would rate this company 5 stars as they came through as promised !