Recycle Cell Phones

How To Recycle Your Cell Phone

uSell for Good makes it easy to put your old phone to positive use. Our cell phone recycling program raises funds for charities & organizations while keeping your devices out of landfills and doing a great thing for the environment.

Non-working phones will be recycled with our environmentally-verified partner for their metal and plastic components. A portion of the proceeds from the raw materials are then donated to highly deserving charities that operate in a variety of impactful areas.

If your phone is working, it may also be put to re-use in a needy community as a service phone or for 911 call capability.

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FUN FACT: Did you know that roughly 100 million cell phones get replaced each year? These phones contain arsenic, lead, zinc and other pollutants that could enter the environment if you don't recycle them. Help fight e-waste by properly disposing of your used electronics!