Why Should I Use uSell.com?

Trusted Buyers
all in one place
uSell is a marketplace that brings together offers from trusted, professional buyers of smartphones and electronics. uSell acts as your advocate to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your transaction.
Let's you sell in seconds
At uSell, we believe that time is money. We bring all of the most reputable buyers of used phones electronics onto one platform, so that you can find the best offers for your device in seconds.
Helps you get more money
When buyers compete to buy your phone, you get the best offer. The service that we provide is free to our users, and the offers that we list are the highest in the industry.
Keeps you safe and secure
Our buyers are top rated professional organizations with strong track records of customer service and a history of positive user reviews. All of our buyers provide free shipping, rapid payment, and responsive customer service. Your information is kept secure and is never shared.
Helps you do well by doing good
In addition to putting cash in your pockets, uSell helps you keep your unused mobile devices out of landfills. It is great to get that next generation device, but is even better to do so sustainably.